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Ranking of the world’s most expensive luxury cars

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Everyone knows that the three common luxury cars in our country are BBA, and the rare ones are Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, etc., but do you know that these cars are not the most expensive luxury cars in the world. Today we Take a look at the most expensive luxury cars in the world and see if your favorite luxury cars are on the list!

Top9, Lamborghini. What? Is Lamborghini ranked 9th? What everyone does not know is that after Lamborghini was founded in 1936, it went bankrupt in 1980, then was acquired by Audi in 1988, and then Audi was acquired by Volkswagen, so now Lamborghini is actually in the management of Volkswagen. of.

Top8, Ferrari. Of course, I don’t need to say much about the name of Ferrari. Ferrari from Italy advocates making high-performance sports cars purely by hand, and the quality is not black!

Top7, Rolls Royce. The famous Rolls-Royce are two young men from the United Kingdom. The origin of the name is also because of these two people, one is Rolls and the other is Rice…

Top6, Bentley. Bentley also comes from the United Kingdom. In fact, Bentley started as a military enterprise before switching to making cars. Therefore, Bentley’s military quality has always been sought after by everyone.

Top5, Maybach. The Maybach is regarded as a classic luxury car in our country. In fact, it has been popular in Germany several times, but it has also declined several times. After coming to China, it can be regarded as a “rebirth”.

Top4, Pagani. Some people may not have heard of this name. He also comes from Italy, the “hometown of supercars”. The sports cars he produces are high in performance, good quality and high in price.

Top3, Bugatti. Bugatti is also from Italy. The sports cars produced are aimed at the fastest and best. It is a model of sports cars in the world today and is now under the banner of Volkswagen.

Top2, Koenigsegg. This car is also not very familiar to us. It is a car manufacturer from Sweden that produces world-class sports cars. It has the same logo as the Royal Swedish Air Force. Many people call it a “ghost” sports car.

Top1, Silbe. Everyone knows before that Bugatti is the fastest sports car in the world, but this car broke this record after its establishment, and it only takes 2.78 seconds to break a hundred! Up to 443 km/h!

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