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The hem of the yoga pants is swaying, attractive and fashionable


The matching of yoga pants is now very popular with knitting, which looks gentle and ladylike. Knitted cardigan is designed through a certain stitch method to reduce the area of ​​the clothes with the shrinkage of knitting, and achieve the purpose of self-cultivation and slimming. The advantage of knitted cardigan is that it can not only match different trousers and shirts, etc., it can interpret different styles. Through the wearing of cardigan, the proportion of legs can be elongated to achieve the effect of showing height and thinness.


So which common items can match knitted cardigans?

1. Knitted cardigan yoga pants, yoga pants are a very versatile item in autumn, woolen cardigan has the characteristics of a stand-up collar and yoga pants. The collar is used to match yoga pants to improve the self-cultivation effect. The breasts are enlarged and the hem is covered to cover the big belly. . This has the effect of self-cultivation and lengthening the proportion of the legs.

2.Knitted cardigan shirts and denim shirts have no sleeves. They cannot be matched with a knitted cardigan like yoga pants. The shirt improves the brightness of the shirt and looks simple and fashionable. It can be matched with yoga pants and yoga to reduce the richness of yoga pants. Also looked thin.

3. Knitted cardigan. Pants and knitted cardigan are not pure colors. Paired with a pair of half-length trousers, you can look thin while enriching the shape. Revealing the beauty of the trousers, with a thin effect. 4. Knitted cardigan knitted half pants, knitted half pants with a knitted cardigan effect is also good, compared to solid colors, black is the darker color, red and navy blue are the brighter colors, if the pure color matches the color of the knitted cardigan, It will appear darker.

And the combination of knitted cardigan and half pants of different shades will make people feel very simple and casual, and it is also suitable for white-collar workers who often need to go out. Knitted cardigan is a versatile item, a must-have for fashionistas, but if it is not well matched, it will look cheap. Let’s take a look at which items of knitted cardigan can match.

Knitted cardigans are generally based on the matching of half-length pants, with high-purity matching and low-to-medium purity matching in color. High-purity items can be matched with sexy lace pants, high-level thin knit sweaters and floral shirts. The medium and low purity items are generally matched with large-area shirts. Flower-shaped shirts are matched with small-area items, and half-length pants and knitted sweaters are matched.

The high-purity knitted cardigan is matched with a dark shirt, and the bottom of the suit-style jacket is made of wool shorts, which can make the bottom of the body slim and self-cultivating. Medium and low-purity knitted cardigans are mainly matched with plaid half-length pants, which have a strong sense of fashion and are thinner when you age. Use a knitted cardigan to complete the autumn knitted cardigan.

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