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The most valuable devices in hospital

The most valuable devices in hospital

The most valuable devices in hospital

These are the most valuable devices in hospital. Because of them, exams are very expensive.

Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) is a Class A tertiary comprehensive hospital committed to delivering state-of-the-art clinical care, innovative scientific research and rigorous medical education. It is designated by the National Health Commission as one of the national referral centers offering diagnostic and therapeutic care of complex and rare disorders, national demonstrative bases for higher medical education and standardized residency training, core national for clinical research and technological innovation, as well as one of the earliest Chinese hospitals offering medical care to senior leaders and foreign patients. PUMCH enjoys high reputation for its full range of disciplines, cutting-edge technologies and outstanding specialties. According to “China’s Hospital Rankings” released by Hospital Management Institute, Fudan University, PUMCH has topped the ranking for consecutively 10 years.

The low existence rate of domestic medical equipment is sighing. The equipment with over 10 million yuan has almost no shadow of domestic production. Take the Radiology Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital as an example, let’s see how much the “big goods” inside can be worth?

The Radiology Department of Xiehe Hospital is one of the top radiology departments in China. The equipment inside is basically first-class in the market. Of course, the price is also first-class.The most valuable devices in hospital

Siemens Force dual-source CT, I can’t see the generation, and now the mainstream is three generations, the price is 25-30 million yuan, there are 6 units.

The most valuable devices in hospital
The most valuable devices in hospital

GE256-layer CT, and 512-layer CT, the higher the level, the price doubles, the price is 8-20 million yuan, 2 sets.

Philips IQon Spectral, 1 Toshiba Aquilion ONECT, 1 64-slice helical CT, and 2 16-slice helical CTs. The imported CT price is about 12-15 million. The domestic product is much cheaper, but the shadow is rare.

10 MRI machines including Siemens, GE Discovery MR 750, Toshiba Vantage Titan 3T ultra-high-field magnetic resonance and 1.5T magnetic resonance and permanent magnetic intervention special magnetic resonance imaging, 3T high field strength of 15 million, 1.5T and below belong to Low field strength, 13 million here, 5-6 million permanent magnets.

7 digital subtraction angiography machines, 6-10 million.

4 sets of all-digital gastrointestinal imaging machines, 3-4 million.

3 full digital mammography cameras, 2 GE dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and computer X-ray photography (CR), direct digital X-ray photography (DR), 1-2 million yuan.

Five linear accelerators (Elekta Versa HD, Varian Halcyon, Varian Truebeam, TomoTherapy, Siemens ART) 3.5-4.5 million.

Philips IQon Spectral
Philips IQon Spectral

An intraoperative radiotherapy device (Mobetron)

Nuclear magnetic simulation positioning machine, conventional simulation positioning machine, large-aperture CT simulation positioning machine; there are 2 sets of short-distance rear-mounted treatment equipment, stereotactic treatment equipment (X knife), radio frequency hyperthermia equipment.

There are too many, and there are laboratory departments attached to the radiology department, including molecular diagnostic equipment and biochemical immunity. There are countless conventional and specific biochemical instruments, all of which are relatively large ones, such as chromatography, mass spectrometer, etc., endocrine, cell There are also countless equipments for detection, inspection, analysis, cultivation, treatment, identification, etc. of various groups such as microbes, etc.

Counting down, the big guy has more than 40 units and more than 10 auxiliary units. It is difficult to count the inspection.

The main equipment and instruments seen by a single finger are about 10-1.5 billion yuan, and the larger one is about 100 million yuan before and after the inspection.

The equipment mentioned here are all imported, and the number of domestic inspection instruments has indeed gradually increased.

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