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The beauty of high boots in the hot summer

1. Today, the last group of summer high boots beauties. Although the weather is hot, the beauties who pursue the overall matching effect of clothing don’t care about the temperature. This is the same as wearing sandals barefoot in winter. As long as the style needs to be matched, the beauties will not hesitate. After all, to be rigid, cool, handsome, sonorous and domineering, the presence of high boots is inseparable. Today, we will take a look at the beautiful summer high boots matching.


2. In summer high boots, white accounts for a large proportion. This has a lot to do with the elegance and purity of white frangipani. It is not only refreshing, but also suitable for matching with summer clothes. In summer, beautiful women choose high boots, which are generally knee-high. The beauties who choose the ivory white puff sleeve princess dress have a real cowhide engraved girdle at the waist and white flat-bottomed high boots. They are both fashionable and fashionable. Classical style and European style.

3. These two beauties choose cool high boots, one is mesh hollow design; the other is highly hollow Roman boots. Although this boot has only two metal rings, the whole boot has a long zipper from top to bottom to form a whole. We have to regard it as a boot. This is also the wise design of this boot.

4. This beauty chooses flesh-colored high boots, made of lambskin, which are very soft. The boots have a thick high-heel design. The size of the boots is very accurate and fits the skin very well, which can well express the long and stylish legs. The beauties are paired with a peacock blue dress with a side open air, and they wear out a very unusual scenery in summer.

5. The beauties who choose black high boots prefer to choose the strap design. The strap design not only breaks the rigor and rigidity of ordinary high boots, increases the sense of decoration and visibility, and can wear more youthful and handsome feeling. The beauty in a brown pleated umbrella skirt, chooses a brown knitted short-sleeved cardigan, wears black Martin boots and linen-dyed hair. Her whole body reveals her thoughts on her overall image and is very thoughtful.

6. These two beauties choose shiny hard leather high boots. In the past two years, leather high boots have been particularly popular, and elements such as hardness and light have become synonymous with tough beauty. The beauty who chooses the suit top as the bottom outfit disappears, and has created her own distinctive image with the formal sense of the suit and the majesty of hard leather boots.

7. This is a beauty who chooses knee boots. Compared with knee boots, these boots are much hotter and difficult to wear. However, for fashion, for a style, beautiful women really dare to step on the heat.

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