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The most popular European countries for Chinese tourists

The world is really big, and one day I have to go out and see the beauty of the world. Nowadays, people’s lives are becoming more and more prosperous, and their spare-time lives are becoming more and more abundant. Many people like to travel and see the outside world. And Chinese tourists not only have to finish watching the beautiful scenery, but now more and more people like to go abroad to see the bigger world and appreciate more beautiful scenery. The impressions of Chinese tourists from countries around the world also have mixed opinions.

The number of Chinese tourist bars is huge, and the purchasing power is also a tourist group that no other country can match. Therefore, many countries also put various tourist labels on Chinese tourists. In our traditional life impression, most European countries are relatively rich and open. Moreover, it is relatively far away from our country, and consumption in European countries as a whole is relatively high, so there are still relatively few people traveling to Europe.

In fact, there is a country in Europe that likes Chinese tourists very much. The people of the whole country are very friendly to Chinese tourists, and the consumption level is also very low. There are some differences from the European countries in our traditional impression, and this country is still a European country. The first country to implement visa exemption for Chinese tourists. This country is located in the southeastern part of Europe: the Republic of Serbia, referred to as Serbia. Belongs to a landlocked country in the Balkan Peninsula.

Serbia is a country very suitable for travel. The overall domestic price of Serbia is very low compared to other European countries. A glass of ordinary Starbucks coffee can be bought on the street for as little as 6 yuan. Chinese people like cherries. You can buy it for only 7 yuan. Including some star-rated hotels, room rates are also very cheap. If you spend a day with normal consumption, it is much cheaper than in China.

Serbia can also be regarded as a country that lives in a “crack”. Whether it is from the perspective of the country’s geographical location, politics, and culture, Serbia has always been in the middle of the two worlds of the East and the West. Serbia has been a bridge connecting East and West for several worlds, and has repeatedly become the core focus of major events in Europe and the world. This country living in the “cracks” also has its own unique culture and characteristics, Serbia’s three treasures: beautiful women and handsome men, and Kafana.

Serbia is a country that not only has relatively low prices and consumption, but also has beautiful scenery. One-fifth of the rivers in the world-famous “Danube” pass through Serbia, and the whole country also has many European historical sites and famous tourist attractions. And the whole country welcomes Chinese tourists. There are many Chinese street signs and street signs on the streets and alleys. The people are also very enthusiastic about Chinese tourists.

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