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The hotel enters the mid-levels, describing the poetry of Yunnan and the distance

Since the second meeting of the leading group for the construction of the Great West Yunnan Tourism Circle on March 27 last year, we have put forward the creation of a unique and creative tourism format and product of the Mid-Levels Hotel. We have been paying close attention to the construction of a new tourism product system and tourism in Yunnan The reconstruction of the market ecology, especially the progress of the construction of Mid-Levels Hotel.
Under the dual role of market demand and policy promotion, the exploration and construction of Banshan hotels in Yunnan has been accelerating. What kind of hotel is Mid-Levels Hotel? How is the progress? In the future rural revitalization, can Mid-Levels Hotel help… Starting today, Xiaobu will launch a series of reports to answer these questions.
From 700 meters to 6700 meters above sea level, from plateau canyons to snow-capped meadows, from rivers and lakes to the charm of ancient cities… The 13 prefectures covered by the Great West Yunnan Tourism Ring Route gather the core tourism resources of Yunnan and China, and are colorful and natural. The scenery, splendid history and culture, and diverse ethnic customs all bloom here.

With such a beautiful ecological environment and unique tourism resources, a product form with a brand-new concept was proposed. In March 2020, the second meeting of the Leading Group for the Construction of the Great West Yunnan Tourism Circle proposed: “Accelerate the construction of the Banshan Hotel project with more practical measures and greater efforts, and make every effort to promote the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan’s tourism industry and high-quality development.”
Mid-Levels Hotel
What kind of hotel is it?

Can be given such a profound and far-reaching meaning
Can you be a tourist to Yunnan
A brand new reason for “looking for poetry and a distance”?
Since the launch of Mid-Levels Hotel
In more than a year
What kind of thinking and exploration are there in the market
What kind of interpretation and practice is there?
With these questions
The reporter walked into the hinterland of western Yunnan
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Mid-levels hotel, carrying value reflects
A brand-new holiday tourism product that reconstructs the travel scene
After driving for nearly three hours from Shangri-La, I arrived at the Jixiashan Meili Hotel in Wunongding Village, Deqin County. It is a rammed earth modern Tibetan-style building standing on a hillside on the side of Wunongding Village, with a small entrance. Going in, on the left is an atrium with a huge golden arc that goes directly to the roof. This is inspired by the architect’s understanding of religious culture in Tibetan areas. Slowly walked up to the top floor of the hotel along the atrium stairs, and the entire Meili 13 Peaks were covered. Framed into a huge picture appeared before my eyes. This hotel is also called the 23rd villager in Wunongding.
Jixiashan Meili is a nodal work of the Jixiashan series. From its birth, it has won wide acclaim in the market. In 2020, even if it is affected by the epidemic for two months, the daily room rate of 2,200 yuan will still be as high as 86.7%. And the operating gross profit for the entire working year is 53%, which is very high in the hotel industry. In practice, Mid-Levels Hotel is a very innovative tourism product. Hotel investor Yang Xiaoyan introduced.

“Provide you to be immersed in the ultimate landscape,
An ecstasy experience that blends with the destination”
Such a goal is summed up by Jixiashan
An ad slogan “Arriving at the inner border”
Deeply win the resonance of the market.

“To create a boutique hotel hidden in the mountains, hidden in the forest, with a simple appearance, high-end interior, modern facilities, and first-class service, highlighting nature, ecology, small volume, low density, and the integration of buildings and natural landscapes. The hotels are scattered among the clouds, mountains and rivers, countryside, flowers, and tea hills, like a paradise, a paradise on earth, allowing visitors to enjoy a staying experience that they will never forget.”
As soon as the Mid-Levels Hotel was put forward, it was described as such a vivid and long-term meaning. Therefore, it is difficult to briefly summarize what it is in one sentence.
“Simple appearance” is interpreted by the designer as growing out of the image ground, fully integrating with the natural landscape and local culture; “high-end interior, modern facilities, and first-class service”, which is often called “wild luxury”. It is a low-key luxury; and “small volume, low density” was once explained by the competent authority as “the area does not exceed 50 acres and the number of rooms does not exceed 100”.

“The Banshan Hotel in Yunnan is not a mere hotel name, nor is it a type of hotel.” According to Meng Rui, deputy dean of the Kunming Branch of Yunnan Tourism Planning Research Institute and China Tourism Research Institute, from the perspective of traditional “3S” vacation tourism From the perspective of product supply and demand, Mid-Levels Hotel is a mountain resort tourism product; from the perspective of input and output, Mid-Levels Hotel is a new form of investment in mountain resort complexes.
This is the interpretation of the industry and also represents a kind of hope. It is hoped that Yunnan will be able to rely on the drive of Mid-Levels Hotel to create a brand-new form of tourism products and promote the display of a brand-new travel and vacation scene.
Under the background of the rise of the “new vacation era”, the domestic vacation market is ushering in a rapid growth opportunity. The Mid-Levels Hotel’s “entering into the mountains” is precisely to avoid the pressure of product competition in the traditional market and focus on “traveling on the road”, which is more suitable for self-driving. The experience of tourism demand, looking for new product development paths in the wider mountains and forests. Yunnan has exactly this advantage.

As we all know, Yunnan is mountainous, 96% of which are mountainous areas. Building a half-mountain hotel based on the mountain is worthy of its name. It is an innovation not only in China’s tourism products, but also in the world’s hotel industry.
“For some time, due to the slow update of tourism products and the decline in service capabilities, some mainstream customer groups and high value-added consumer groups have gradually given up choosing Yunnan as their travel destination. The rise of self-driving tourism in western regions such as Qinghai and Gansu largely reflects The urban population’s desire for the ultimate natural landscape experience.” Dr. Ge Yi, a well-known expert in the construction of tourism industry models in the domestic industry, is the chief expert of the resource research and planning group for the tourism environment of the West Yunnan. The construction of Mid-Levels Hotel will reconstruct the consumption scene of Yunnan tourism, fully demonstrate the core value of Yunnan’s world-class natural resources, and promote the better development of the surrounding characteristic tourism products and rural economy, and establish a new tourism unique to Yunnan Holiday product system; through the development of high-quality tourism products and tourism service market, promote the improvement of the quality of Yunnan tourism practitioners, and reshape the industrial ecology of Yunnan tourism.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand the mission and symbolic significance of Banshan Hotel as a specific product form and service concept that embodies the transformation of Yunnan tourism development in the planning and construction of the Great Dianxi Tourism Circle.
In Dr. Ge Yi’s view, the construction of Mid-Levels Hotel is not simply defined according to hotel construction standards. It needs to make full use of Yunnan’s characteristic natural landscape resources and fully integrate high-quality vacations, outdoor travel, cultural experience, and themed camps. Holiday tourism products to interpret and show the “Yunnan Tourism Value”. Only the ecological resources, tourism resources, ethnic customs, and cultural environment of the Great-Dianxi Loop can match it.

“Compared with traditional hotels, Banshan Hotel is not only a high-quality hotel, but also has experience scenes and customized tourist routes. This is a big idea in China. The industry believes this is the “Moganshan B&B system”. Super version.” Said Yi Hui, chairman of the sales group of Jingyi Group, a well-known OTA platform in China (which has a series of brands such as LvMama). “Since March 2021, the domestic capital community has paid close attention to the business model of Banshan Hotel in Yunnan. Accommodation only accounts for 50%. Other income comes from products and content. This is very powerful.” Former Party Secretary and Financial Investment of Galaxy Securities Shanghai Headquarters Expert Jiang Ming believes that the Mid-Levels Hotel is a very important breakthrough in the construction of the Great Dianxi Tourism Circle.

“Fully demonstrate the market value of Yunnan’s tourism and cultural resources, give full play to the innovation capabilities of the tourism and cultural industry, promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, lead the high-quality development of the province’s tourism and cultural industry, and better meet the increasing demand for high-quality tourism products in tourism.” In the newly released “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Yunnan Banshan Hotel”, Banshan Hotel is determined to provide a personalized, diversified and in-depth experience of “boutique hotel +” tourist destinations relying on high-quality accommodation products.

As a new tourism product format, the provincial government leaders have organized more than 10 special studies to promote construction and sorted out thousands of tourism resources on the ring road. Banshan Hotel has also found its own development path in the birth of policies and markets. Wuyulan, Eryuan Thatched Cottage, Xilinyuan, Jixiashan, Kangteng and many other companies have also begun to accelerate the construction of Mid-Levels hotels. “Hotel + culture, outdoor, science popularization, research, sports” and other new leisure travel and vacation scenes are underway. keep appearing.
As of the end of April this year, 69 Banshan hotels have been initially built in the province, 59 are under construction, and 39 are in the early stage.

Rooted in the countryside, build and share together
Mid-Levels Hotel has become a driving force for rural revitalization
“You don’t have to go far to earn money, stay in your hometown and run well.” Wake up with the Banshan Hotel, and the self-confidence and pride of Dashan’s sons and daughters in their hometown.
Since the construction of the Kangteng Red River Valley tent camp, Kangteng has always given priority to hiring local farmers. “Today, the project is providing employment opportunities for more locals. The number of locals who work on the construction site every day ranges from 50 to 200. In Kang Teng’s tent camp, 95% of the employees come from the surrounding villages. Kang Teng conducts systematic training for each employee to improve their service skills, improve service quality, and drive local villagers out of poverty and become rich.” He Min, deputy governor of Honghe Prefecture, told reporters.

In Dali, Mutian•Time Wild Luxury Designer Hotel and local villagers have built a mutually beneficial economic system. In accordance with the needs of tourists, the hotel cooperated with local villagers to launch cultural and tourism experience activities such as tea making, handicraft preparation, and breeding. At the same time, the hotel focuses on the design of cultural and tourism products, and the production of the products is handed over to the local villagers to drive local employment and increase income.
In the opinion of Xu Kui, the inspector of the Dali Prefecture Culture and Tourism Bureau, as a brand-new cultural and tourism business, Banshan Hotel can better enhance the attractiveness of the tourism industry because of its “different characteristics” and “all-encompassing”. Influence can not only improve the quality and fineness of tourism product supply, effectively improve tourism quality, and promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry; it can also be used as a starting point to reorganize and revitalize local natural resources, historical and cultural resources, and bring them together Gathering more element resources to play the role of the Mid-Levels Hotel as a tourism complex; it can also help the local area to solve some employment problems, stimulate the development of villages and towns, and effectively promote rural revitalization.

Dali Xilinyuan explores the innovation of “local cultural travel experience”, repairs and creates regional buildings, “does big things in small places”, and builds schools with “no walls” in the countryside. Bring foreign children to China to study; open an English corner, let teachers from world-renowned schools teach local children to speak English; organize local children to participate in “video workshops” to learn, hold “small town movie night”, hope to interact with the surrounding The villagers grow up together and pass on Dali culture to more people… Li Zepeng, deputy governor of Dali Prefecture, introduced.

To build a Mid-Levels hotel that integrates natural and cultural experience, it can not only provide high-standard accommodation, but also provide high-quality tourist route services, in-depth cultural experience activities, and five-star butler-style services. Through the construction of Banshan Hotel, a new interpretation of Yunnan’s natural and human resources will be carried out, and at the same time, rural construction and tourism development in the surrounding areas will be promoted.

Zhang Jianhua, director of the Lijiang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and Li Xuebin, deputy director in charge, were deeply moved by this. To build Yunnan into a world-class tourist destination, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of the province’s tourism industry to “internationalization, high-end, distinctive and intelligent”. Vigorously promoting the construction of the Mid-Levels hotel project is to fully release the signal of the transformation and development of Yunnan tourism into a leisure and healthy life destination. Judging from the exploration of Lijiang for more than a year, it will guide more capital to invest in the element field of mountain resort complexes and guide Yunnan tourism Market consumption and supply upgrade.
More importantly, as an effective way to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, the construction of Banshan Hotel will guide the flow of regional industrial elements, accelerate the development of rural tourism industry, optimize the regional industrial layout, and accelerate regional economic development. Build and share together.
Mid-Levels Hotel
Like a breeze

Blowing away the layers of fog in the development of the mountainous area
With its growing vitality
Reflecting the uniqueness of Great Dianxi
Natural and humanistic beauty
Ignite the enthusiasm of rural tourism
Illuminated the folks live and work in peace and contentment
Speed ​​up the dream of rural revitalization

Interpreting the development of “ecological civilization”
Practicing “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”
The mountain is there, if you don’t develop it, you can only stay silent in front of you forever. The area along the Great Dianxi Tourist Circle has a variety of landscapes, diverse biodiversity, diverse cultures, and colorful customs, but lacks high-quality tourism and vacation facilities. Only by making up for the shortcomings of travel and lodging services, deepening the structural reform of the tourism supply side, driving demand with supply, and promoting supply innovation with demand, can the transformation and upgrading of Yunnan’s tourism products be accelerated.
However, biodiversity-rich areas are also ecologically sensitive areas, so they must be developed and protected.
How is the balance between the two?
From the beginning of construction, the Department of Eco-Environmental Protection and Natural Resources has strongly intervened, requiring Banshan Hotel to strictly observe the red line of ecological protection, the bottom line of environmental quality, the upper limit of resource utilization and the ecological environment access list during the planning and construction of Banshan Hotel, and use the results of “three lines and one order” , Promote the optimization of the layout of Banshan Hotel, scientific site selection, and avoid ecological environment sensitive areas such as the ecological protection red line.
Never allow damage to the ecology, no encroachment on forest land and basic farmland, and no over-exploitation are the clear requirements for resolutely keeping the red line of ecological and environmental protection.


This requires scientific planning and reasonable layout in the process of advancement, and the concepts of green, ecology, environmental protection and symbiosis run through.
In the actual implementation process, local government functional departments have this bottom-line awareness. Li Xuebin, deputy director of the Lijiang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, once made a clear statement to the head of the company who asked him to talk about the red line issue. The best location for Mid-Levels Hotel does not have to be within the red line. This is when Mid-Levels Hotel’s new tourism product is proposed. Very clear.
There is also a hotel project in Dali Prefecture, which has not been approved yet because it is planned to be located at the pressure line of the Erhai Reserve.
It is understood that the Jixiashan Hotel series has been deployed as a whole on the Great Dianxi Tourist Circle, and it is hoped that it will take five years to come up with a “mid-mountain resort hotel series with international standards.” Lai Guoping, the person in charge of the Jixiashan Hotel, said: The local ecological environment is maintained in a state of symbiosis, whether culturally or environmentally, Mid-Levels Hotel must become an organic part of the local ecological sustainability.”

“Banshan Hotel is an ecological and environment-friendly project. Its design and construction should help to reflect the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and prevent the destruction of natural ecology.” An internationally renowned consultant who has been involved in the resource planning and investigation of the Great West Yunnan Tourism Circle. Organization-said Dr. Ge Yi, the original first consultant of Atkins China.
“Building a Banshan hotel is a concrete action to implement the concept of’green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains’. It is an important measure to promote the overall transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry. It is an important starting point for building a demonstration zone for industrial poverty alleviation. The revitalization of the countryside is of great significance.” This is the description of the significance of the construction of the Mid-Levels Hotel at the executive meeting of the provincial government on August 31, 2020.

Between the green waters and green mountains and Jinshan Yinshan
Mid-Levels Hotel builds a
A globalized pattern with both divine form and abundance
In such green mountains and green waters
People strictly guard the red line and the bottom line of environmental quality
Find homesickness
In such a golden mountain and silver mountain
People strictly guard the use of resources online
Human and nature coexist harmoniously, and you can see the distance.

Nowadays, the construction of Banshan Hotel symbolizes the core and determination of Yunnan’s new round of development. Standing on the cusp of supply-side reforms and high-quality development across the country, exploring a development path of harmonious coexistence between tourism development and the ecological environment, solving the conflicts between the development of traditional tourism resources and environmental protection, and focusing on the development of the “construction of an ecological civilization demonstration zone” in Yunnan Province The mission is to practice the “two mountains” theory, to achieve mutual promotion of environmental protection, economic development and social benefits, and to move steadily and confidently on the road of green development.

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