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The abdominal muscles are faint, but the waist is not small.

Although the abdominal muscles can be faintly revealed, but there is no thin waist, or the fat content has not dropped to a certain ratio, no matter how much you train your abdominal muscles, it will not help. You must try to effectively reduce fat (body fat rate below 15%), and your waist and abdomen Bit of fat is very stubborn. In addition to subcutaneous fat, there is also accumulation of visceral fat, which is not easy to remove.

In fact, thin waist is to reduce fat systemically, because fat reduction cannot be implemented in a certain part. Since the abdominal muscles can begin to show the outline, it means that people are not very obese after exercise, and the waist has not been reduced, indicating that weight loss Can’t break through the residual fat in the waist, so I need to strengthen exercise.

If you want to further slim down your waist, you have to increase the intensity of aerobic exercise. It is possible that the physical effort will be increased and the training will be harder. You must be mentally and physically prepared. Yugong recommends exercise methods as follows:

1. Basic aerobic exercise

Regular aerobic exercise can be done, such as running 6-8 kilometers a day, as the basic exercise volume for fat limitation control, the running pace can be designed according to your own heart rate, about 120~140 beats/min (the speed at which the heart rate rises again) , May have a good lipid-lowering effect, but the person is too tired) is appropriate.

2. Multi-repetition strength training

The following two exercises for waist and abdomen exercises can be practiced every day. When training, each group should use more times (20 or more) to improve the muscle firmness and durability of the waist and abdominal obliques, and help shape the waist. At the same time, it can also promote the effect of lowering fat.

Roll sideways

Lie on your side, straighten your thighs, and perform a side-lifting movement with your upper body at the same time, alternating with both sides.

Lie on your side and raise your legs

In the side-lying position, the upper body and one leg must be lifted up forcefully at the same time when doing movements, and the sides are rotated.

Lie on your side

Lie on your side, with your thighs bendable, do a side-lifting movement, and rotate on both sides.

3. HIIT special fat loss training

“HIIT” is a kind of high-intensity intermittent exercise. Although it also belongs to aerobic exercise, the intensity of this exercise is stronger. It can make the heart rate reach 160~180, and the oxygen consumption is further improved, and the efficiency of fat burning is improved. Specifically, high-intensity (usually 60s) and medium-to-low intensity (usually 20s) alternate exercises are used to reflect the efficient aerobic fat burning process.

High intensity action-Barbie jump (60s)

Barbie Jump combines squats, push-ups, squats, jumps, and abdomen in a short period of time. It can move more than 70% of the muscles of the body, and has a great effect on heart and lung function and fat burning. The actions are repeated.

High-intensity action-leaning over, stepping and mountain running (60s)

Bend over and support the ground with both hands, and do a stride running with both legs in place. This action is also to train the durability of the waist and abdomen, and the action is repeated.

High-intensity exercise-cross squat jump (60s)

Quickly squat left and right with both legs, then jump up again to increase leg endurance while burning fat. Repeat the action.

High-intensity exercise-back and forth tiptoe squat jump (60s)

After squatting with fast forward and backward lunges on both legs, jump up again to increase leg endurance while burning fat. Repeat the action.

Low-to-medium-intensity exercises-running on the spot (20s)

Do not run too fast while lifting your legs up on the spot.

Low-to-medium-intensity action-medium-speed rope skipping (20s)

Jump rope at a medium speed, not too fast.

When doing it, use a set of 60-second high-intensity exercises followed by 20-second low- and medium-intensity exercises alternately. Because HIIT special training is very tiring, it is recommended to do 30-40 minutes at a time, 4 times a week.


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