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Diabetic eye complications should not be underestimated

In life, many people suffer from diabetes. Diabetes can cause complications in various tissues, among which diabetic eye disease is a very common one. If diabetic eye disease is not treated in time, patients have a higher risk of blindness, but many diabetic patients do not pay attention to the prevention and treatment of eye disease.

Among various eye diseases caused by diabetes, diabetic retinopathy (abbreviated as “sugar network disease”) is more common. According to the ophthalmologist of Nanning Aier Eye Hospital, diabetic patients will develop microvascular disease in the retina due to the long-term high blood sugar, and develop retinal microangioma, edema, exudation, and new blood vessels. It usually leads to decreased vision, visual field defects, dark shadows in front of the eyes, and a sensation of flashing light.

How can diabetics prevent diabetes? The doctor pointed out that diabetic patients must first control their blood sugar, and should actively follow the doctor’s advice to take blood sugar-lowering drugs. The quality of blood sugar control is related to the time and severity of retinopathy to a certain extent. Second, a healthy lifestyle is very important. It should be noted that smoking can cause vasospasm and cause poor blood circulation, while drinking alcohol can dilate blood vessels and more easily cause fundus bleeding. Therefore, diabetics should especially quit smoking and drinking, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables appropriately. In addition, one should pay attention to maintaining good eye use habits in life and avoid excessive eye use.

Early inspection is also very important for the prevention and treatment of sugar network disease. Once you have diabetes, you should check your eyes every six months, or even more frequently, even if you have not had any obvious vision problems, in order to find the lesions and treat them early. It is reported that Nanning Aier Eye Hospital mainly adopts fundus laser therapy, anti-VEGF drug therapy, minimally invasive vitrectomy and other methods to treat sugar reticulum disease. Scientific treatment plans can be formulated according to the different conditions of patients.

In order to allow diabetic patients to discover their symptoms in time through examinations, Nanning Aier Eye Hospital has set the 15th of each month as “Sugar Net Day”. If you visit the fundus department on the same day, you can waive the registration fee of fundus specialists and the cost of medical records, as well as basic fundus examinations. Fees; blood glucose measurement is exempted once on the day; and you can get a discount package for fundus photography and OCT examination in Aalborg. Patients are asked to pick up coupons at the consultation office when they arrive at the hospital. For details, please call for consultation.

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