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Norway standard travel guide

Norway is an indispensable place for European travel. It is a seaside country in Scandinavia in Northern Europe. It is ranked in the top ten countries in the world’s happiness index and also in the top ten countries in the safety index.

When you come to Europe and Norway, you can choose road self-driving tour, aurora exploration tour, strange stone sightseeing tour and so on.

When we mention Norway, the first words that may appear in our impression are: forest, aurora, Viking, etc., and Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Forest”.

When we come to Norway, we can put on Bunard and enjoy the Norwegian National Day parade with them.

May 17th is their National Day, and it is also the day when students celebrate the end of the 13th grade, even though there are still many students who did not take the final exam.

This day is also the most desirable day for children, because they can participate in various games and activities, and there is a constant supply of ice cream and hot dogs throughout the day, the atmosphere is extremely lively, and the festival continues day and night.

You can march with them in the music of the waves and feel the customs of Norway.


When you go to Norway, you should also stay in an old wooden house from the 17th century. There are a large number of wooden buildings in Røros, and it is also one of the oldest towns in Norway.

The years did not leave too many traces in this small town, it looked like it was when it was built in the early 17th century.

Its wooden buildings and old mining towns are well-preserved, so in 1980, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Røros is full of narrow streets, historic courtyards and buildings, as well as a variety of independent shops and interesting workshops, where there is a dazzling array of goods, ceramics, clothing and food.

Norway, what I have to say is its aurora.

The beauty of aurora lies in its difference. The shock that it brings to you the moment you see it, the beauty of aurora comes from the universe.

The green, purple, and yellow aurora intersect each other, and when they change rapidly in the sky, your heart will also change with excitement in its footsteps.

Its beauty is something you can’t describe in a few words. What it presents will make you feel like you are in another dream world, everything is full of incredible, like a journey of legend.


Of course, if you want to see the aurora, you must choose a good time, usually in winter, it is easier to see.

Here, there is also a small suggestion. I think young people should not go to Norway easily and see the aurora scenery that beats like a musical symbol. Maybe after your trip to Norway, it’s hard to go to other places. There are places that make you more interested than seeing such a scene.

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