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How to make beautiful photos for girlfriends?

For taking photos of your girlfriend, how to make the portrait photos you take look more beautiful and slim. Below we provide a solution for photographers who take their girlfriends to travel to help you take beautiful and slim women. Friends photos.


1. Place the subject in the center of the image and use a wide-angle lens to make the portrait look taller and slender.

The edge of the picture taken by the wide-angle lens has the characteristics of distortion. If you shoot a portrait, the subject should not be on one side of the image, because it will make the image look more “fat”. Therefore, place the subject in the center of the photo and keep a certain distance from the subject to capture the details of the girlfriend’s posture. The curvature of the lens also helps the subject’s limbs appear longer.

2. Create a subject that draws attention to the subject, and use the scenery to cover some parts of the body

Use the scenery to cover some parts of the body, creating a feeling of embracing the pipa half-hidden, which will help you build the photo, keeping the focus on the face of the portrait, because the viewer pays more attention to the user than other parts of the body Face.

3. Take full-frame photos to make the part of the face clearly visible

Focus on the subject, especially the face, to fill the picture. Therefore, the image must be arranged to show only the main part of the subject’s face.

4. Use guide lines to attract attention to the subject while making it look taller

5. Use light and shadow elements to help highlight the curve

The light and shadow in the image will not only produce interesting effects on the image, the light and shadow cover a layer of light on the surface of the object, so that the edge of the body curve is clearly displayed. Whether you are shooting under backlight or studio lighting, you can use light to create a curve effect.

6. Adopt the camera to look up and produce a sense of slender portrait

This gives the viewer a sense of slenderness in the portrait photo, and makes the legs look more slender.

7. Use the foreground to create a shallow depth of field, which helps to dilute some imperfections on the body

Use a camera with a large aperture or a long lens to create a beautiful background, which makes the subject stand out. The foreground not only helps to create a shallow depth of field, but you can also use the foreground part to cover certain defects in the body of the portrait.

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