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How to make Apple mobile phone batteries more durable

1. Install Battery Life software to check the battery status

Many friends change their iPhones once a year, and battery consumption is one of the main factors. In fact, in daily use, some good habits can effectively extend the life of the battery. However, before introducing these methods, you might as well check the degree of wear and tear of your mobile phone battery.

Battery Life is a free software on the iOS platform that allows users to clearly understand battery consumption. In the past, this kind of function was only available for iOS devices after “jailbreaking”, so the function of this software is really very practical. When Batttery Life starts, it will diagnose your iPhone battery first. This reporter, a mobile phone that has been used since the iPhone 7 was first sold, only lost 8% in about 9 months, which is a good figure. You can also enter the available time and original data from the directory in the upper left corner, and see the estimated time of use of the various functions of the phone by the software, and the actual remaining battery capacity.

2: Avoid using fast charging

Maybe many friends who have iPhones also have iPads, and they probably all know that using iPads to charge iPhones actually takes less time than using iPhones. However, any type of fast charging technology will increase the temperature of the battery to some extent, and high temperature is actually one of the reasons for the loss of the battery, so if it is not necessary, you should use the normal charging speed, which will be more than using Fast charging makes mobile phone batteries more durable. In addition, if you remove the mobile phone cover when charging, it can also reduce the loss of the battery due to high heat.

3. Avoid using the phone while charging

Although many friends are accustomed to using the “power bank” to charge their mobile phones while using the phone or continue to browse the web, it is similar to the reason for using fast charging. Using the phone all the way to charge will increase the temperature of the battery significantly, compared to fast charging. Charging more easily consumes the life of the battery.

4. Try to keep the battery between 40% and 80%

The old “environmentally friendly” NiMH battery (NiMH) has a “memory effect”. If you don’t completely use up the battery every time you use it, then recharge the battery. For example, if the battery has 20% remaining, charge it to 60% and use it. , “Memory effect” will cause the battery to no longer be able to use just below 20% and above 60% of the capacity, which greatly reduces the battery life. However, the structure of the lithium-ion battery used today can be regarded as the opposite in principle. Without the memory effect, the battery will also be worn out due to overheating.

Frequent depletion of the battery to 0% and then automatic shutdown will not only cause the mobile phone battery to continuously consume the charging cycle, but also have the opportunity to cause the lithium battery to enter “deep discharge”, which will also increase the battery loss. In fact, Apple’s official website mentioned that the best operating temperature of the iPhone’s battery is between 0°C and 35°C. If the user intends to store the phone for a long time without using it, it is best to charge the device to half before storing. . Combining these two points, many studies have come to the same conclusion that it is best for users to charge the mobile phone at about 40% lower than that, and charge it to about 80% to continue using it. The number of times that users need to charge each day may increase, but on the contrary, the battery does not consume the charging cycle, and the battery can be more durable.

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