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Are time delay condoms useful? More lasting can be more intimate

With the development of society, people’s cognition of “sex” is constantly improving. It is no longer a difficult thing to express, but more like a way for lovers to “talk to each other” . Slowly, more and more couples begin to seek better experiences in the process of sex: long-distance lovers who have reunited for a long time want to extend their time to express their thoughts; young couples who have tasted honey for the first time want to extend the time for the first time. To make better memories; old couples and old wives hope to extend the time to enhance the relationship and relive their passion…The pursuit of longer-lasting sex time has become a trend. In the face of this demand, delayed condoms came into being, so delayed contraception Is the condom useful? Will the use of delayed condoms affect the body?

How to extend sex time?

Some people say that proper distraction can prolong the time of sex, but in the sweet and tender moments, who would want to distract? Therefore, many people will choose to use external forces to delay the effect, such as taking medicine and long-lasting ring , Delay condoms, etc. However, medication needs to be taken in advance and may cause dependence. Some consumers are not accustomed to using long-lasting rings. In this case, delayed condoms have become their first choice. The need for delay is often caused by men’s overexcitement and high sensitivity. In the face of this situation, you should first adjust your mentality and don’t have too much pressure. The use of delay condoms can play a certain delay effect.

Are time delay condoms useful?

Delay condoms can play the role of delay, mainly depends on the added benzocaine, which is an organic compound, is often used in medicine to relieve pain or itching, can effectively reduce the body’s sensitivity. Most time-delay condoms place benzocaine at the top of the inner side of the condom, which can reduce the sensitivity of the glans after taking effect and have a delay effect.Because benzocaine is only concentrated inside the condom, it is not Will reduce female sensitivity. For example, Durex’s Enduring Happiness series is like this.

Are delayed condoms safe?

The benzocaine content of the time-lapse condoms produced by regular big brands is strictly required. In the choice of time-lapse condoms, we still have to choose reliable big brands as much as possible, such as Durex’s long-lasting joy series.

Everyone will give a different answer to the question “Is the delayed condom useful?” This is mainly due to the fact that each person’s body sensitivity is different, so the effect of benzocaine is also different. But in any case, compared to other physical delay methods, the use of delay condoms is more comfortable. Time delay is not the purpose, and making the intimate interaction between lovers sweeter is our ultimate pursuit.

About the Durex brand

Durex (durex), from the United Kingdom, a global leader in beautiful close relationships.

Durex was born in 1929. Its name is derived from the combination of three English words: durability, reliability, and excellence.

Durex product line covers many fields such as condoms, lubricants and sex toys. While committed to providing excellent quality products, we also encourage everyone to explore bravely and enjoy a healthy and wonderful life.

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